Description of the product:

Handbook for the user + CD-ROM.




Gruppo di ricerca BIA, directed by Nicola Palazzolo.




Libreria Editrice TORRE snc.
Via Salvatore Gallo, 27 I-95124 Catania

Tel. +39-095-316621
Fax +39-095-320455



Full price:

EUR 1080,00



Special price:

The special price of EUR 665,00 is offered to the professors or the researchers who will ask a personal copy on condition that the Institute where they work has already bought a copy.



Methods of payment:

Methods of payment will be communicated directly to the buyers when the 'proforma' invoice will be sent.



Buyers of the first edition:

All the buyers of the first edition of BIA will get a refund of EUR 200,00, subject to the restitution of the old CD.



(send a schede to the publisher - by fax or by mail - for each CD-ROM you want to buy)
download the schede in PDF